Alaris Ivac Medsystem III 2860 Infusion Pump

Manufacturer: Alaris
Call 1-888-267-2966 for Pricing
Refurbished - Calibrated

This Multi Channel IV pump features three independent fluid delivery systems in the space of one compact size. This reduces bedside clutter, simplifies patient transport. It is easy to set up and use, yet provides advanced features and accurate delivery of a variety of fluids.

Dimensions: 7.875H x 6W x 2.10D

Weight: Approximately 5.1 lbs.
               includes Pole Clamp


Rate Range:     
     0.1 - 999 milliliter per hour (each channel)
Volume Range:        
0.1 - 999 milliliter (each channel)
KVO Rate Range:        
0.1 - 20.0 milliliter per hour

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