Burdick E 550 Interpretive EKG Machine System

Manufacturer: Burdick
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Burdick E 550 and E560 Interpretive EKG Machine System

The Burdick E550 E560 Interpretive Electrocardiograph:
Large, Clearly Annotated Display Select procedures and input data by simply touching desired function as it is displayed on the large back-lit screen.
Menu commands are easy to see and understand; no special codes or symbols to memorize.
Specific Screens For Each Entry The Burdick E550's unique touch screen design promotes quick and trouble-free data entry by utilizing specific screens for each data field.
Patient demographics are clearly displayed on the screen for quick verification.
Monitor Waveforms Actual waveforms for each lead are displayed on the screen, permitting continuous patient monitoring.
Waveforms are shown in 7.5 second segments (25mm/sec).
To eliminate retakes and delays, an indicator appears on screen immediately to alert the operator to invalid data, improperly connected leads and other interference.
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