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Heart defibrillators are a commonly sought after class of refurbished medical equipment. There are two main types of defibrillators, the automated devices used by first responders and often used by the general public, and those that require setting each charge by the user.

An automated defibrillator, also known as AEDs are easier to use because the machine makes the decision about whether or not to shock and how strong the shock should be. This is important for use by regular people who have no CPR training. Most automatic machines give vocal cues, display written instructions, and have lights to indicate what to do. They even have illustrations of where to put the conducting pads.

Using refurbished medical equipment to convert heart rhythms can represent considerable savings. An AED device might cost less than half as much as a new model but will have a warranty and be as reliable as nearly any new device. Refurbished machines are so affordable that smaller businesses and other institutions may be able to afford them when new models would be out of reach.

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