GE Marquette MAC 5500 EKG ECG Machine

Manufacturer: GE
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  • Color Display
  • Patient cables included, PATIENT READY


FAA Approved

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Description MAC 5500

Designed for high volume ECG environments, MAC 5500 offers a complete suite of advanced ECG Analysis programs. Combined with MobileLinkô wireless ECG workflow solutions, MAC 5500 helps you capture, analyze and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence.


  • Ethernet and wireless networking option saves time, reduces errors and maximizes charge capture
  • Hook-up advisor minimizes editing time and repeat ECG acquisitions
  • Single button operation for printing, storage and transmission
  • 12SL ECG Analysis program with Gender-Specific software
  • 15-Lead ECG Analysis
  • Risk stratification tools such as ACI-TIPI, Late Potential P-Wave Signal Averaging