Scican Statim 2000 Autoclave Sterilizer

Manufacturer: SCICAN
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System Configuration:

Used unit, Reconditioned and shipped in manufacturers packaging.
Guaranteed to perform at manufacturers specs.

Can sterilize Valuable Equipment such as:

  • Lasik
  • PRK
  • Endoscopic
  • Dental
  • Tattoo Equipment
  • Cataract instruments

The Statim 2000 is a reliable cassette sterilizer that's compact enough to fit in patient treatment areas and fast enough to sterilizer expensive Lasik, PRK, endoscopic and cataract instruments including phaco hand-pieces between procedures-it can complete an unwrapped sterilization cycle in just six minutes and wrapped cycle in 14 minutes.*

The Statim 2000is fully automatic. Simply select on of the three sterilization programs and with a single touch of the keypad begin the cycle. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilization conditions from start to finish.

SciCan's Statim Cassette sterilizers have a biological effectiveness that has been proved in tests for hollow and solid instruments at many internationally recognized institutes in Canada the United State andEurope.

*Cycle times do not include drying

Please allow 1-2 days to process order

Shipping time is 1-2 weeks. Most likely the machine will arrive sooner.

All of Our Remanufactured Sterilizers Come with a 90 Day Warranty and a Lifetime of Technical Support!!

Unit size (L x W x H):

48cm x 41.5cm x 15cm (19" x 16.25" x 6")

Cassette internal dimensions:

28cm x 18cm x 3.5cm (11" x 7" x 1.5")

The Statim 2000 cassette holds 15 instruments with the instrument rack in place, 25 instruments without the instrument rack!

Reservoir capacity:

4 liters (distilled water only)

Power Supply:

110-120 V, 60Hz, 1300 W
100V, 50/60 Hz, 1300 W