Tuttnauer 3870EAP Sterilizer - 15" Diameter x 30" Deep with Printer - New

Manufacturer: Tuttnauer
Call 1-888-267-2966 for Pricing
Enormous chamber size in table top setting. One push of a button, and leave the rest to automation. It will fill the chamber with water, will start the sterilization process, will vent, and will dry.

Very simple and easy to use. The setting for the sterilization, dry, and total cycle time are also very simple to set.

Warranty: Two Years Parts and Labor

  • Chamber Size:
       15" Diameter
       29" Deep
  • Brand New Machine
  • Automatic (electronic) controlled
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Power Supply: 208V
  • 30 minutes cycle
  • Table Style
  • Weight: 180.00 Pounds.