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Ultrasound Probes / Transducers

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Used Medical Equipment is a well respected dealer of ultrasound probes and transducers. Our reconditioned devices can save you large amounts on new machinery. Our ranges of abdominal, transvaginal and vascular probes have been tested to meet the original standards and specification originally set by the manufacturer. We have a range of array and linear transducers and probes by the leading brands including GE, HP, and Philips.

Both probes and transducers play a large role in helping identify diseases and abnormalities in a huge range of issues in the body as well as pregnancies to further understand normal function or developing concerns. The absence of ionizing radiation places these ultrasound procedures over xrays especially in high risk applications. The applied gel can provide an assurance to the performance to the probes that can stay in contact with the body and deliver quality pictures or provide treatment to soft tissue injuries. The speed and accuracy of ultrasound can slash the time on other blood testing methods. Apart from improving testing and diagnosis it can also present alternatives to procedures that require lengthy testing or approaches requiring anesthetic.

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