About Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Our company’s founder, Ashley Herschmann, started his career as a sonographer in the late 1990s.  Fascinated by the advancements in ultrasound equipment technology, he was perpetually upgrading his machines to state of the art technology.  GE Capital took notice and a relationship developed.  Soon Ashley was buying, refurbishing and selling ultrasound equipment.  As demand grew, he branched out into a wider array of medical specialties’ equipment, and what had begun as a hobby quickly evolved into a full fledged, robust business.  Since then, Absolute Medical has grown into a multimillion dollar, trusted leader in second hand and refurbished medical equipment, with thousands of customers worldwide,

Our expert staff includes trained and certified sonographers, nurses, and a complete biomedical and service division. Carrying a broad spectrum of equipment, we excel at providing each customer, be they a hospital, university, surgery center, outpatient center, or private physician’s office, with significant cost savings on their medical equipment purchases. 

We are located just 30 miles outside New York City, home of more independent hospitals and hospital chains than anywhere else in the U.S.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with replacement, loaner or rental machines and, for our local customers, most often on the same day.   



Our commitment to excellence goes far beyond the initial sale. We will
be there for you in the long run. We sell and can source a very wide
array of equipment and strive to be your single source for reliable and
cost efficient medical equipment.


We also pride ourselves in our team of expert medical equipment reps.
Not sure which item to buy? Why not call for a recommendation. We have
experts in most fields ready to help you make an informed decision.
Call anytime. 1-845-738-4283 or 845-738-4283

our items ship with a 7 day unconditional 100% Money Back Guaranty. All
sales are final once this inspection period ends. Please contact us for
more details.