BIOZ ICG Module for Marquette Solar 9500 8000

BIOZ ICG Module for Marquette Solar 9500 8000

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This is for ONE BIOZ ICG MODULE only. The unit is in EXCELLENT condition and includes a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. we also carry all other components of this system.

GE Healthcare Information Technologies' BioZĀ® Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Module brings noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring to GE's bedside Solar and Dash patient monitoring systems.

The BioZ ICG Module allows rapid, accurate, and continuous assessment of a patient's hemodynamic status, including:

  • Cardiac Output/Index
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance/Index
  • Fluid Status

When incorporated into initial clinical assessment, ICG may help:

  • Assess baseline status
  • Identify appropriate therapeutic interventions
  • Distinguish those patients with early therapy response

The use of ICG may also help shorten length of stay, reduce overall hospital charges, and potentially improve patient outcomes.