Fetal Monitors

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Fetal Monitors Questions & Answers

A fetal monitor is an electronic unit that is used to track fetal heart rate and uterine contractions during labor, and prenatal monitoring of the health of the fetus. The heart rate of the baby and contractions can be monitored simultaneously or separately, and externally or internally. Fetal heart rate is detected externally via ultrasound waves through the mother's abdomen Uterine contractions are usually measured externally with a sensor applied to the mother's belly. The fetal heart rate can be measured internally once the water has broken - a sensor is applied to the baby's scalp to detect heart rate. If needed, the uterine contractions can also be measured internally with an electronic sensor. Whether the monitoring is external or internal, the mother's mobility is limited.
Telemetry fetal monitoring transmits the contractions and the baby's heart rate by using a transmitter that is attached to the mother's thigh. Data is sent via radio waves to the nurse's station, and the clear advantage of this sort of monitoring is that the mother is able to be mobile. However, movement can also set off false alarms if the transmitter slips, the baby moves, or contractions suddenly increase, which can be alarming to the patient. Forewarning of possible malfunction is a good policy.
Newer fetal monitors come with all kinds of bells and whistles. Large LED screens show the baby's heart rate and uterine activity at a glance. Improvements in ultrasound Doppler technology offer a wide-beam profile with a better quality of fetal heart rate detection. Units also have alarms for low or high fetal heart rate, monitors for twins that clearly represent the heart rate of each baby, and a fetal movement detection monitor that detects any big movements by the baby and generates readings on strip chart paper. Tabletop monitors can feature remote control probes, rechargeable batteries, and carting solutions that allow for portability. Hand-held fetal Doppler models are available as well.
Fetal monitors can have a hefty price tag, with new units beginning at thousands of dollars. A reconditioned unit can be a fraction of the price and is an affordable option for tight budgets. As long as you have a guarantee of refurbishment and purchase from a reputable used medical supply company, you can own a quality unit for much less money.