GE Corometrics 129 Fetal Monitor

GE Corometrics 129 Fetal Monitor

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Integrated Maternal Pulse Oximetry NIBP

Special features Provides simultaneous, noninvasive monitoring of twins internal/external monitoring maternal ECG/EKG. Data storage and transmission Integrated Maternal Pulse Oximetry NIBP. Extends upon the advanced technology of the Model 118 with integrated maternal pulse oximetry and/or noninvasive blood pressure monitoring.


  • Built-in maternal vital signs monitoring eliminates the need for separate blood pressure and maternal pulse oximetry monitors.
  • Maternal non-invasive blood pressure* readings can be taken on-demand or at pre-programmed intervals using the well-known DINAMAP blood pressure technology.
  • Smart BP option prevents blood pressure readings from occurring during contractions.
  • Continuous non-invasive MSpO2 oxygen saturation and maternal pulse rate can be reliably monitored using the well-known Nellcor pulse oximetry brand.
  • Continuous display/printing of the maternal pulse rate trend can be enabled.
  • Maternal alarm limits are user-defined, with pre-set defaults.
  • The audible indicator for each maternal alarm can be temporarily silenced.
  • Maternal vital signs storage provides an eight-hour history of the maternal vital signs in a spreadsheet format. The data can be displayed or printed on-demand.
  • A maternal-only recording mode is specifically designed for postpartum monitoring of the mother.
  • The MSpO2 pulsatile waveform can be optionally displayed and can be “frozen” on the screen for review. In addition, a six-second “snapshot” can be printed on the strip chart paper.
  • Built-in independent MECG monitoring is provided with selection of lead I, II, or III. Twins and maternal monitoring can be accomplished simultaneously using dual ultrasound and MECG; or using ultrasound, FECG, and MECG.
  • The MECG waveform can be optionally displayed and can be “frozen” on the screen for review. In addition, a six-second snapshot can be printed on the strip chart paper.
  • The large display shows fetal parameters, maternal parameters, and one waveform all at once.

Models 129 has a Smart BP feature which prevents an automatic blood pressure determination from occurring during a uterine contraction. This feature reduces the chances for erroneous vital signs readings; and reduces patient discomfort during labor.


  • One FETAL TOCO included
  • Visual screen display
  • Printer included