Gendex GXP Dental X-ray Processor

Manufacturer: Gendex
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For sale is 1 Gendex GPX X-Ray processor in what appears to be brand new condition. This unit retails for over $5000.00 Buy now and save big!

  • The Gendex GPX offers a 100% closed chemistry dental X-ray processor for professionals who want high quality films and ease of use. 
  • The GXPdesign seals both the chemistry and wash water in one self-contained system. You can avoid costly plumbing installation and forget about chemical replenishment entirely.Its closed system means you never flush environmentally damaging chemicals down the drain. And, with the optional daylight loader,you don't need to tie up darkroom space.
  • Place it anywhere! One switch activates  STANDBY and RUN operations. Depress the RUN position and insert film. That's all there is to it. No temperature or time decisions to ever think about! For endo 2 minute processing speed of intra-oral film, just depress the ENDO switch (which will flash to remind you it's on). Depress once more to automatically return to normal speed.
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