HP Hewlett Packard Cardiac Output C.O. M1012A

HP Hewlett Packard Cardiac Output C.O. M1012A

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Great Condition. 90-Day Warranty

The M1012A module measures Cardiac Output (C.O.) and Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO). It offers a choice of two measurement methods, the Transpulmonary Thermodilution (PiCCOTM 1) method, and the Right Heart Thermodilution method. Both measurement methods are suitable for adults, pediatric and neonatal patients (above 2 kg) in a range of Critical Care environments. The module can be connected with plug-and-play convenience to these patient monitor families:

  • V24 (M1205A)
  • CMS (M1165A/66A/75A and  M1175A/76A/
  • 77A)
  • IntelliVue (M8005A, M8007A, M8010A).

The module sends a thermodilution curve, cardiac output numerics, and cardiac index values to the patient monitor display.