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Accurate blood analysis – does the kind of machine matter?

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Hematology analyzers can do a lot of things these days. They can do a complete blood count, or tot up red or white blood cells, or platelets. They can tell you hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit, RBC indices, and leukocyte differential. Even older machines can do a limited CBC, and a three-part leukocyte differential, giving values for neutrophils, lymphocytes, and all other white cells together. The snazzier ones count monocytes, basophils, and eosinophils too. They can also detect nucleated red blood cells.

Cardiotocography: Is it universal? Should it be?

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

We wouldn’t counsel medical professionals on patient management, but you’ll have heard differences of opinion on the utility of CTG. Just to make you aware, if you haven’t been following, that there is disillusion with the overall concept (except in emergencies), but most people concede that at least it’s a tool that can be used, and that’s better than nothing. Doctors and midwives surveyed generally approve of it, but they have reservations. There are recent review articles that try to sum up clinical opinion, looking for consensus. Broadly speaking, the received wisdom these days is that CTG is at its most appropriate during labor. 

How to think about stress-EKG testing

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Cardiac investigation is getting all digital and full of imaging, and so it’s getting expensive. It’s nice to have EKG stress test equipment in your clinic, for lower-cost investigation.  It’s quite reliable, used right, and we sell lots of packages to happy clinicians all the time. 

The guidelines do say to choose your patients carefully.  The ideal candidate for a stress EKG test is an adult with suspected coronary artery disease, or someone with known CAD whose clinical status is changing.  Clinicians also use them for lower-risk stable angina patients free of active ischemic or heart failure symptoms, and for risk stratification of patients prior to discharge, or for pre-operative evaluation of selected patients sometimes. For all stress-EKG patients, baseline EKG should be close to normal. 

Shopping for a patient vital signs monitor?

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

You don’t need to be told the basic departure points for choosing vital sign monitors.  The first is to ask yourself what you need your equipment to do, and the second is to decide how much money you want to spend. 

You know what you want it to do, because you know what you and your staff do.  You know how much money you have, too, and browsing prices will update you on what things cost these days, and then you’ll know how much you’re really going to spend.  Done. 

The Professional’s Guide to Ultrasound

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You’re buying ultrasound equipment for your practice.  It’s pretty bewildering.  You know the basic buyers’ rules.  You should narrow your choice based on whether you’ll be using general applications, or vascular work, or OB/Gyn, or cardiac.  These are the usual four categories. 

Shopping for an affordable 12-lead EKG machine

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

You want nice equipment, so you go for the highest sampling rate you can find.  You do that because everyone knows that more data is always best. But is that true?  Should you spend lots of money maximizing your sampling rate? The answer is that sample rate is actually not as important as you might think.  

The Top Portable Ultrasound Imaging Machines

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Ultrasound imaging is an extremely popular and important part of diagnosing medical issues. The equipment uses sound waves to view inside the body without using radiation.  It is widely used in many areas including obstetrics to obtain the status of the unborn child as well as locating exactly where biopsies are located. Portable ultrasound units allow access to many more patients in need of diagnosis. It can be used in multiple locations and is lightweight to allow for easy transportation.

Advances in ultrasound technology known as the Doppler ultrasonography

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

In this fallowing article we will discuss the advancement in the ultrasound technology known as the doppler ultrasonography.  We will discuss the clinical features of this machine and the advantages of its use based on my experience as a medical student. Before presenting the edge that this specific technology provides to the field of imaging devices, it is important to cover the ground basics of the US’s mechanism of action.

Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, uses sounds waves at various lengths to produce pictures of the internal organs. This allows the diagnosis of several sources of pain, swelling and infection. The test is performed with the use of a small transducer (probe), and the application of water-based gel directly on the patient’s body. This method allows high frequency waves to be transmitted from the probe, through the gel, into the body. Thus, producing a computerized image.

Anesthesia Monitors: What to Know

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Any procedure that requires the use of anesthesia needs to be done with an anesthesia monitor to ensure that the patient is safe. These machines monitor the delivery of medications, fluids, and gases and display the patient’s physiological state. Anesthesia drugs alter how the body functions, so there are risks involved with its use during various procedures. However, if the vital signs of the patient are monitored continuously, there is a reduction in the overall risks associated with the procedure.

The use of anesthesia in a medical procedure induces a temporary loss of awareness or sensation. It is used to provide a painless procedure for a patient, where the procedure would normally cause them severe discomfort or pain. There are some medical concerns when patients are in this state, so it is important to be able to monitor their vitals throughout the procedure. Choosing the right anesthesia monitor is a good way to ensure that the monitor provides the information needed for various procedures. Here are three of the top monitors on the market:

Stress Test EKG Machine – Purpose, Procedures and Top Brands

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

The equipment at Absolute Medical Inc. is designed with an emphasis on providing the best services in terms of patient care. There is a wide range of equipment available, which can suit and meet the needs of different medical institutions. Such equipment is properly reconditioned and will always perform at the same level according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

A stress test is simply an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) which the patient undergoes while they are exercising, on the treadmill. The main aim of the stress test is to monitor the level of activity in the patient’s heart as they are undertaking the physical activity. Changes in the heart function should be monitored because some abnormalities can be detected only when the patient is exercising.

All You Need to Know About Infusion Pumps

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Infusion pumps have been a staple in medicine for quite some time. It’s common to see one of these pumps in clinical settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, and even homes. The pumps medical application is to deliver fluids, nutrients, and medications, to a patient’s body in controlled amounts either large or small.

These medical devices are favored more over manual administration because of their ability to deliver medication in quite small volumes as well as in automated intervals. There are many types of infusion pumps such as syringe, insulin and enteral pumps to name a few.

The types of pump differ based on the purpose they are used for and on how they are powered. Some of these devices are made to be used at the patient’s bedside while others are made to be portable or wearable.

How does an Ultrasound Transducer work?

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

An ultrasound transducer is the handheld device that the technician or doctor moves on or over the body of the patient. A cord connects it to a computer. The device sends sound waves and receives the echoes as they bounce off the body tissue and organs of the patient. These echoes are used by the computer to create an image.

Transducers (probes) come in different sizes and shapes for use in different parts of the body. Some are placed on or over the body part. Others are designed to be inserted into an opening like the vagina or rectum so they can get closer to the organ for a more detailed view.

From Monstrous to Miniscule: How Ultrasound Technology Has Evolved

By: Absolute Medical Services, Inc.

Ultrasound machines have come a long way. The first ultrasound machine was a 2D scanner debuted in 1958 by Ian Donald and Tom brown. They called it the Diasonograph, but it was known in more informal and unkind circles as the Dinosaurograph.

This ancestor of the modern day ultrasound machine was 8 ft tall and occupied approximately a third of the space available in an average scanning room. The ultrasound images were static, and were created by rocking the transducer slowly over the body part being examined.

Philips Ultrasound Machines

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Ultrasound devices consist of a digital processor and system display, a control unit for focus, compensating amplifier, transmitter pulse generator, and a transducer. They are used to do cerebrovascular, urological, maternity, cardiac, and abdominal examinations; breast examinations; and operational and review of small tissue pieces.

Ultrasound applies to acoustic energy above the human hearing frequency. Diagnostic sonographic scanners operate in a range of frequencies that are hundreds of times higher than the human hearing limit. The higher the frequency is, the smaller the details. 

Refurbished Ultrasound Machines

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There are many used ultrasound dealers found on the internet. They all claim to be the solution to all the needs of potential customers. The multitude of available information can make a choice confusing. Absolute Medical Equipment has been the leader of reconditioned, pre-owned medical equipment since 2001.

Ashley Herschman, the company's founder, was fascinated by ultrasound equipment technology advancement. He upgraded his ultrasound machines to be state-of-the-art. When GE Capital became aware of the development, a partnership was formed. Buying ultrasound equipment, refurbishing it, and selling the refurbished equipment was the primary function of the company.