Medical Equipment for Clinics Q&A

What Can We Do to Maximize Profits at My Clinic While Keeping a High Level of Service?

Medical settings such as small clinics are held to the same standards as large hospitals, but without the benefit of big budgets. With all the cutting-edge technology available in medical equipment, it makes sense that the clinics that have the best equipment can provide the best care. Good care translates into healthy budgets and healthy people. However, the cost of new machinery exceeds the budgets of most small clinics, so the best alternative is to look at buying pre-owned equipment, which can often be done for a fraction of the cost.

Does New or Used Equipment Make the Most Sense for Our Clinical Facility?

A wide array of new equipment is likely way beyond the budget of any size clinic. So for clinics, used equipment is almost universally the best route to go. Buying used equipment will allow access to the most technologically advanced machinery while also lowering the price of admission dramatically. That allows you to provide better treatment for less, making the cost of medical help more affordable for all. It’s a win-win, especially for smaller clinics, to choose used or refurbished equipment over new.

What Are Some Standard Pieces of Equipment Every Clinical Facility Needs?

Patients have come to expect that small clinics will have the same level of equipment as large hospitals. This includes ultrasound, X-ray, patient monitors, stress test machines, and more. If this type of machinery is bought new, the price can be sky-high, but there’s a big cost difference if the equipment is used. And when the equipment is certified pre-owned, it’s put through a multi-point inspection, with used parts replaced by new and thoroughly tested parts. Before you splurge on the new stuff, look into buying used. Your financial officer will thank you profusely.

How Can We Get the Most Cutting Edge Equipment for Our Clinic?

Technology and new developments in machinery are fast outpacing the standard machinery at most clinics. Better equipment means better diagnostics and a better reputation for treating patients. However, most clinics can’t afford to get the latest and greatest equipment in brand new condition. But they can likely afford refurbished equipment which can be just like new, including parts and looks, for a small portion of the price, and offering the very best quality.

Where Do We Find the Best Equipment for the Best Price?

Certified pre-owned equipment is virtually new equipment that has been subject to rigorous testing and inspection. When you choose to get pre-owned equipment, you want to make sure that you go with a reputable vendor like Absolute Medical Equipment. You will want to check reputations and referrals, and compare prices. Remember that there are various levels of refurbishment. Some machinery looks new inside and out, while others are just refurbished mechanically but not cosmetically. The price lowers according to the level of refurbishment.

What Can We Expect to Pay for Medical Equipment?

Medical equipment can range from several hundred to several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, if you are buying new equipment. However, if you buying used or refurbished equipment, you can cut that cost at least in half and often much more, depending on the level of refurbishment you are seeking. In a clinical setting, these differences in costs can make the difference between getting several pieces of equipment versus just a few. Buying used or refurbished equipment can really stretch your equipment budget dollars.

For the very best in used, refurbished, and certified pre-owned equipment for the very best price, you can rely on Absolute Medical Equipment.

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