Philips HD-11 Digital Ultrasound Machine

Manufacturer: Philips
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  • Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging - Clearly superior to existing harmonic imaging technology, D-THI increases penetration at higher spatial resolutions, and enables easy image acquisition in large or difficult to scan patients.
  • Volume Imaging-Capture Volume data sets of your region of interest in a matter of seconds. Enables 3D "virtual rescan" in any plane of the data volume set at any time, reducing the need for patient rescans. Allows visualization of X, Y and Z axis with the ability to evaluate slice by slice.
  • ApliPure Plus-Real-time spatial and frequency compounding technology improves diagnostic capabilities with ultrasound images that have outstanding clarity, detail and definition
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow-Toshiba's exclusive ADF technology significantly enhances color flow imaging
  • Quick Scan-one touch image optimization
  • Panoramic View-extra wide field of view
  • Fast Fusion 3D-Integrated

Probes are not included.