Philips HDI 5000 Ultrasound Machine New Skin

Philips HDI 5000 Ultrasound Machine New Skin

Vendor: Philips
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It’s better than ever, inside and out–the new Philips HDI 5000 system brings together new ergonomics, a boost in processing power and the revolutionary technologies of the HDI 5000 system.

New ergonomics

  • Articulating monitor
  • Integrated foot and palm rests
  • Cart designed for mobility
  • iSCAN Intelligent Optimization

New supercomputing architecture

  • Increased processing speed
  • Mode switching in half the time
  • Up to 9,216 digitally-processed channels per image frame

HDI technologies

  • Third generation SonoCT® Real-time Compound Imaging
  • XRES adaptive image-processing

All HDI 3000, HDI 3500 and HDI 5000 systems in use around the world are upgradable to the new Philips HDI 5000 system.

Reconditioned, tested and guaranteed to perform at manufacturers specs.

30-Day Warranty

This sale does not include any probes.

Probes are available at additional cost. Please let us know which probes you need for a quote.

Important features and details:

  • ATL HDI 5000 Ultrasound
  • Software level 190.17
  • Studies performed: Pulsed, CW, Color, Doppler, M Mode, 2D, Pwr Img
  • Panasonic MD 830 Ultrasound VCR included
  • Mitsubishi CP700 Video Printer included Cardiac & Vascular Calculation Packages 
  • High Definition ImagingTissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Microfine Grayscale Imaging
  • Adaptive Image Processing (X-RES)
  • Real-time Compound Imaging (SonoCT)
  • Integrated Stress Echo Package
  • Color Doppler, Color Angio & Colorization
  • Spectral Steered PW & CW Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging
  • M-Mode
  • Automated Patient Automization
  • Cineloop Review & High Definition Zoom
  • ECG
  • High Resolution Non-Interlaced Monitor

This system is in excellent condition and ready for patient use now!

Transducers not included but available at additional cost

  • ATL C7-4 Curved Array Convex Transducer Add $1250
  • ATL C4-2 Convex abdominal Transducer Add $2000
  • ATL C5-2 Curved Array Convex Transducer Add $2000
  • ATL C8-4V 8-4Mhz Broadband Curved array Endovaginal Transducer Add $3000
  • ATL C9-5 5.0-9.0Mhz Endovaginal Transducer Add $3000
  • ATL L10-5 Linear 38mm Transducer, Add $3000
  • ATL L12-5 Linear 38mm Transducer, Add $5000
  • ATL P3-2 Phased Array Cardiac Transducer, Add $2000
  • ATL P5-3 Phased Array Cardiac Sector Transducer, Add $2000
  • ATL P6-3 General Purpose Sector Transducer, Add $1500
  • ATL P7-4 Pediatric Cardiac Sector Transducer, Add $2500
  • Many other transducers available. Please email your requests.

Custom crating and insured freight shipment within the lower 48 states is a flat fee of $500.

Email for shipment prices to other locations.

Thanks for looking!

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