Philips Pagewriter Touch Interpretive EKG Machine

Manufacturer: Philips
Price: $1295.00
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Philips PageWriter Touch Cardiograph/Cart System
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Large 15" Color Screen
  • Rolling Cart
  • Easy to Use
  • All 12 leads visible on the screen prior to taking an EKG
  • "What you see is what you get"  preview of EKG you want to print
  • Full disclosure to choose what 10 seconds of EKG you want to print
  • XML file format for viewing off of the PageWriter
  • Philips Medical Service and Support
  • All 10 seconds of all 12 leads are stored so you can change printed format
Philips PageWriter Touch, makes it easier to record, analyze, print, store and transmit ECG's. Designed for use in large hospitals where high quality and accuracy are paramount, PageWriter Touch makes every step in the testing process easy. The innovative patient module design ensures lead wires are tangle-free and ready to use. The large, high-resolution touch display presents the information you need quickly and clearly, including lead quality, ECG snapshots, and the complete print-ready ECG with interpretation. The Philips 12-lead Algorithm ensures each interpretation is highly sensitive and specific.