Refurbishing Medical Equipment

Refurbishing Medical Equipment

Buying new medical equipment for a hospital or other health care facility “out-of-the-box” can be an expensive proposition—and it’s frequently unnecessary. This is why used and refurbished medical equipment is so popular.

To provide patients with the best quality of care possible, medical institutions and practitioners must ensure that their medical equipment meets the needs of every patient. New medical equipment can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. For many private medical service providers it’s simply beyond their reach to purchase all the new equipment they could make use of.

As a result many practitioners purchase used or certified preowned medical equipment, or have their existing medical equipment evaluated for refurbishing or replacement. Refurbishing medical equipment is quite often the right solution in circumstances with budget limitations. Whether acquiring used medical equipment or refurbishing existing equipment, understanding the level of refurbishing can be important.

Different levels of refurbishing are available for medical equipment, and the right type of refurbishing really depends on your medical facility’s needs.

What is the appropriate level of refurbishing? You are interested in a few primary aspects of the equipment: its functionality, its safety, and its cosmetic appearance.

To serve your medical practice and your patients properly, your medical equipment—first and foremost—must function to its OEM standards and specifications. That is, it must do its job reliably and as intended. Second, it must be “clean” and “sanitary” for its intended use. Otherwise, patient safety is at risk.

So, equipment function, reliability and cleanliness are the priorities in refurbishing efforts and spending. “Reprocessed equipment” is checked by expert technicians to verify that it meets manufacturer operational and performance standards, and it is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized.

Aesthetics — The aesthetic appearance of medical equipment can be important when it is seen by patients and office visitors. Medical equipment that appears “new” cosmetically instills confidence in patients, staff, and technicians alike. Fresh looking equipment is trusted and brightens the medical facility’s overall appearance. Old, tired looking equipment does just the opposite.

“Cosmetically refurbished” equipment is verified to meet manufacturer operational and performance standards, fully sanitized, and painted, cleaned, or otherwise visually/cosmetically restored to look fresh and new, and remove all visual imperfections, including evidence of wear and tear.

Of course, if your equipment is used in areas not open to your patients’ or other medical office/facility visitors’ eyes, its appearance isn’t that important. In such cases, the unit’s function and reliability alone are what count and it may not be wise to spend money on cosmetics.

New Parts — In many cases, medical equipment refurbishing includes replacing or upgrading parts or functional components to ensure the unit complies with the OEM’s functional specifications and/or current performance standards. “Parts refurbished equipment” is medical equipment in which dysfunctional parts are replaced to ensure full functionality—and is cosmetically restored as well.

Full Overhaul — To ensure full and long-lasting medical equipment use, medical equipment can be essentially overhauled. In “fully refurbished equipment” the major functional parts or components that have various propensities for failing over time are replaced with new or upgraded parts, the unit is reassembled, tested for full functionality to OEM standards, and fully cosmetically restored as well.

To get the most out of your medical equipment, seek a superior quality of refurbishing service by technicians with the right experience and knowledge to do the job correctly at a reasonable price. Many types of medical equipment can be successfully refurbished for a lot less than new replacement cost.

Refurbished medical equipment can function properly and meet your medical needs for years.

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Excellent! We needed a reliable low-cost ekg machine and Absolute
Medical really came through! The machine is PERFECT, delivered quickly
and packed well. Thanks.

I have been purchasing medical equipment from the good gentlemen at
Absolute Medical for many years. My latest acquisition, a GE Case P2
Stress-test machine, has been a wonderful addition for my
medical practice. I highly recommend Absolute Medical for their quality,
service, and phenomenal pricing.


After many years in practice our office decided to purchase a
refurbished GE Vivid 7 Dimension from Absolute Medical. The service was
excellent, the price was great, and the machine has been working flawlessly,
with absolutely no problems for the last two years. We have
been extremely satisfied.