Sonosite C15e Ultrasound Probe Transducer

Sonosite C15e Ultrasound Probe Transducer

Vendor: Sonosite
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Absolute Medical presents to you the Sonosite C15e Ultrasound Probe/Transducer. This probe is used primarily for transthoracic (echocardiogram of internal heart movement) and abdominal imaging.  A broadband array transducer, this imaging device is most effectively used by being placed on the chest or abdomen.  This probe is compatible with both the Sonosite Titan ultrasound unit and the Sonosite Micromaxx. For any additional questions or concerns about this particular transducer, or any other one, please feel  free to contact us!

Probe Details:

  • 4-2 MHz
  • 15mm Broadband Array

Brand and Compatible Units:

  • Sonosite
  • Sonosite Titan Ultrasound  Machine
  • Sonosite Micromaxx Portable Ultrasound Machine

Imaging Use:

  • Transthoracic
  • Abdominal
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