Stress Test EKG

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GE Case Stress System
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Stress Test EKG Questions & Answers

A stress test is an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) that is normally conducted on a treadmill while the patient is exercising. The test monitors any changes in the heart function during activity, as some abnormalities can only be detected during exercise. It can also be called an exercise or treadmill EKG.
Normally, a resting EKG is always done before a stress test EKG. This is done as a comparative study to the stress test and also to confirm that the patient is able to safely complete the stress test.
A stress test should not be conducted unless there is an indication of a heart health issue. It should not be done on a healthy person with no signs of heart disease.
The need for a stress test EKG is indicated if a patient is having symptoms such as unexplained chest pain or pressure, or experiencing dizziness, fainting or palpitations when active or exercising. It's also used as a diagnostic tool for determining treatment for angina, checking for blockage after surgery, or to assess the efficacy of heart medicine or treatment. In addition, stress tests have been used on patients who are starting an exercise program after years of inactivity, in order to determine the proper exercise program.
For both the resting and exercise portion of the stress test, a patient can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes total, and the exercise portion alone is about 15 minutes. However, there are also follow-up photos that need to be taken a couple of hours after the test, so setting aside a morning or afternoon for the test is necessary.
While the stress test EKG itself is not normally harmful, inaccurate results can result in costly and potentially damaging follow-up tests. Stress tests are most effective for patients with symptoms of or high risk for heart disease. For patients with minor symptoms or low heart disease risk, the test can have questionable results.
The equipment includes the EKG machinery, as well as a treadmill, each of which can cost many thousands of dollars. However, if you purchase reconditioned equipment, you can cut your costs almost in half.