Tram 451M Module for Marquette Solar 9500 /8000

Tram 451M Module for Marquette Solar 9500 /8000

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Tram 451M Module with Masimo SpO2

TRAM modules are innovative multi-parameter modules for use with the MacLab and The Solar® Family of Modular products . The TRAM modules act as patient data acquisition devices.

These modules function as an integral part of the bedside for NICU, ICU, CCU and OR monitoring as well as serve as the transport module for use with the Tram Transport display. For monitoring applications the TRAM modules offer simultaneous multi-lead arrhythmia analysis. By using the same module for intra-hospital patient transport as well as bedside and Cath Lab monitoring, we have eliminated the need to change cables and re-zero pressures as part of moving a patient from one care area to the next. The SL series of modules provide resting 12-lead ECG analysis at the bedside. In the Cath Lab, the SL series provides an easy on-screen 12-lead display with documentation.

The TRAM modules contain a lithium battery backed-up memory that stores trends (with one-minute resolution), ECG histories, calculations, zero references, and setups.

The Tram module collects and stores comprehensive
patient data, including:

• 75 parameters at one-minute resolution for 24 hours
• 36 ECG histories
• 10 ST events
• 20 cardiac output calculations
• 10 pulmonary calculations
• 96 NIBP episodic readings

As part of the Solar family of monitors, the Tram module combines advanced algorithms and technologies to quickly provide the most accurate information.

The parameters feature set includes:

• 3-, 7-, or 12-lead ECG
• Multi-lead ECG analysis with Marquette EK-Pro™
(arrhythmia) and Marquette® 12SL™
• Accurate and reliable DINAMAP® NIBP
• Choice of Nellcor® OxiMax® and gold-standard Masimo®
• Temperature (one or two channels)
• Invasive blood pressure (zero to four channels)
• Cardiac output (thermodilution)