With new growth and overwhelming demand in our Vein Center we recently had to purchase high-qualoty ultrasound equipment. We purchased a refurbished Philips CX50 system for less than half of what a new machine costs. The machine came with training and a 1 year warranty, the way it would have come from the factory. We were extremely pleased and would recommend Absolute Medical in the future
Dr. Adam Y Goldman MD. Yonkers, NY.
Our company recently purchased a pre-owned GE Prodigy Advance bone densitometer from Absolute Medical Inc. The machine was functioning, calibrated and performed according to OEM specifications. Terms were fair, service was excellent and the price was only a small fraction of what the manufacturer charges.
Desmond Johnson. Dexa Scanners. Lebanon, TN.
Over the past decade Nitronics Inc. has sold and purchased dozens of Ultrasound Machines from Absolute Medical Equipment. They are a company with trust, integrity, honesty and A+ service.
Nick Cunetta. Nitronics, Inc. Ramsey, N.J.
When the new regulations requiring C02 and anesthetic gases were instituted, we were forced to purchase new patient monitors for our surgery center. Absolute Medical Equipment suggested Datascope Passport Spectrums. When the machines arrived, they were calibrated, tested and certified by the manufacturer. Our cost was only a fraction of what new machines cost and we have been using them for over a year without a single problem. I would highly recommend Absolute Medical Equipment and would contact them in a heartbeat for our next equipment purchase.
Dr. Benjamin G. Fogelman, M.D. DO. Suffern, N.Y.
With the current environment and the direction medicine has taken, our medical practice chose to purchase a refurbished Philips ie33 ultrasound system from Absolute Medical. We have the identical machine in our office and I was pleased to see that the machine functions and operates as well as any other machine we have ever used.
DR. I. Kaplan M.D. Cardiac Care and Vascular Medicine. Bronx. N.Y.
I have been purchasing medical equipment from the good gentlemen at Absolute Medical for many years. My latest acquisition, a GE Case P2 Stress-test machine, has been a wonderful addition for my medical practice. I highly recommend Absolute Medical for their quality, service, and phenomenal pricing.
Dr Joseph Helft, Cardioligist, Montefiore Medical Center
After my office determined that we were running ultrasounds from machines that needed to be updated, my purchasing manager went online to search for an effective and compact ultrasound system. We discovered AbsoluteMed, and we picked out a Philips CX50 compact ultrasound system. Absolute Medical delivered above and beyond the industry standard, including great customer service. We plan on dealing with Absolute Medical for our systems and parts in the future.
Dr. Adam Goldman - Metro Cardiac Care

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