Medical Equipment for Hospitals

Whether they are small or large, rural or urban, all hospitals today must invest in medical equipment that is state of the art and of high quality. As the standard of care becomes ever higher and patients have an increasing amount of choices, medical institutions must find a way to obtain the technology they need to care for their patients at a price that enables them to remain solvent. Addressing this need is one of the most pressing priorities that modern hospitals experience.

Thanks to extensive technological breakthroughs, hospitals can now use a wide range of equipment to diagnose and monitor their patients. These devices can be divided into several general categories. Ultrasound machines, whether wheeled, portable, 2d or 4d, have gained enormous popularity in the diagnosing of a large number of conditions. It is also necessary to have equipment that monitors the vital signs of patients. To this end, there is a wide variety of patient and fetal monitors from which healthcare institutions may choose. As cardiac care needs continue to grow, hospitals must have high quality ekg machines to gauge heart functioning and to diagnose problems during stress tests. Another type of equipment that is widely sought after is bone densitometers. These can be full body or portable, x-ray or ultrasound based. These machines can aid physicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of common medical conditions such as osteoporosis. Other types of equipment generally needed in most hospitals include pulse oximeters, ultrasound probes, and ultrasound machines.

Sadly, some of the most cutting edge equipment advances may seem out of reach for many healthcare institutions in this era of increased costs and falling insurance reimbursements. Yet, most of these devices are no longer luxuries; they are necessities if a hospital is to remain competitive. Purchasing fully inspected and guaranteed used medical equipment is proving to be the answer for many hospitals across the country. For the past decade, hospitals and medical practices throughout the United States and around the world have sought the expertise and integrity of for all of their medical equipment needs. For a fraction of the price of new equipment, can provide a full range of name-brand pre-owned devices. In the end, a hospital could save as much as 75 percent by purchasing reconditioned surgical instruments, MRI machines, defibrillators, blood analyzers, autoclaves, and much more from this reputable retailer.

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After my office determined that we were running ultrasounds from machines
that needed to be updated, my purchasing manager went online to search for an
effective and compact ultrasound system. We discovered AbsoluteMed, and we
picked out a Philips CX50 compact ultrasound system. Absolute Medical delivered
above and beyond the industry standard, including great customer service. We
plan on dealing with Absolute Medical for our systems and parts in the future.


After many years in practice our office decided to purchase a
refurbished GE Vivid 7 Dimension from Absolute Medical. The service was
excellent, the price was great, and the machine has been working flawlessly,
with absolutely no problems for the last two years. We have
been extremely satisfied.


Over the past decade Nitronics Inc. has sold and purchased dozens of Ultrasound Machines from Absolute Medical Equipment. They are a company with trust, integrity, honesty and A+ service.