Medical Equipment for Medical Clinics

Successful medical clinics need more than competent medical professionals and patients who trust them. Medical clinic doctors and nurses cannot do their jobs without state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat their clients. Fortunately, Absolute Medical has a decade of experience helping doctors, hospitals and medical clinics get reliable, high-quality used and reconditioned medical equipment at a fraction of the cost of new.

Running a medical office is an expensive business. Necessary expenses like disposable supplies, patient billing and collections consume big chunks of the budget. That is part of the reason some medical offices have trouble keeping enough functioning medical equipment to adequately serve their patients. When something has to give in a medical office’s budget, equipment purchases often have to wait.

Buying used medical equipment takes pressure off the bottom line and helps clinics make sure they always have enough equipment so their health care professionals can help their patients quickly and accurately. Used ultrasound machines and patient monitors, for example, are fully tested and guaranteed to perform like new equipment, but the lower price of used medical equipment allows offices to buy more equipment to make sure each exam room features the equipment it needs.

From portable x-ray equipment to bone densitometers and more, choosing used and reconditioned medical equipment always saves money. Reconditioned medical equipment often costs a staggering 50 to 70 percent less that new equipment, meaning a medical office can save thousands one just one or two important purchases. Choosing used for every purchase could mean tens of thousands of dollars freed up for perhaps improving patient care and staff working conditions in other ways. Because Absolute Medical is a respected and responsible company that cares about its clients and their patients, safety is never a concern either.

The most effective medical offices are well-equipped to serve their patients. With providing the highest quality used medical equipment, medical offices can increase their profits while serving their customers better. It seems certain that medical offices that provide the best quality service to their patients at the lowest costs to the office will see great success.

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My clinics are based in New Zealand and I had not used Absolutemed
before. I was also inexperienced in importing medical equipment to New
Zealand. I am happy to report that working with Abe was a pleasure and
he was able to facilitate all matters easily. Items arrived in good
order as advertised and wellpacked. Good after sales contact and

With the current environment and the direction medicine has taken, our medical practice chose to purchase a refurbished Philips ie33 ultrasound system from Absolute Medical. We have the identical machine in our office and I was pleased to see that the machine functions and operates as well as any other machine we have ever used.


With new growth and overwhelming demand in our Vein Center we recently had to purchase high-qualoty ultrasound equipment. We purchased a refurbished Philips CX50 system for less than half of what a new machine costs. The machine came with training and a 1 year warranty, the way it would have come from the factory. We were extremely pleased and would recommend Absolute Medical in the future