Advances in Ultrasound and Portable Medical Equipment Means Better Patient Care

While doctors have been using ultrasound systems since the 1970s, recent technological improvements are opening up this diagnostic medical device to a wider range of uses.

For example, one major medical equipment manufacturer, Philips Corporation, focuses on designing ultrasound machines that are more power efficient, physically smaller, and generate less heat. The Philips HD11XE ultrasound system replaces the fuzzy pictures normally associated with ultrasound systems with high-resolution 2D and 3D images.

The astounding picture clarity of the Philips HD11XE ultrasound system enables physicians to make more accurate and quicker patient management decisions. It also means the device is well suited for a variety of patient settings, including emergency rooms, pre-and post op, and primary care physician offices.

All of these upgrades make ultrasound a more cost-effective and patient-friendly solution compared to more invasive diagnostic devices. According to a recent article published in Imaging Technology News, some physicians who are concerned about radiation doses associated with other diagnostic tests are opting for ultrasound as their diagnostic tool of choice.

Portable patient monitoring is another segment of the medical device field that is benefiting from recent technological advances. The GE Dash 4000 monitor offers a portable monitoring system that is ideal for a variety of patient settings.

Its light-weight and rugged adaptability makes the GE Dash 4000 monitor a good choice for use in emergency rooms, surgery, intensive care units, and bedside patient use.

The high-resolution 10.4 inch screen displays up to seven waveforms and four invasive pressures. GE's innovative technology provides advanced alarming and atrial fibrillation detection. The SuperSTAT blood pressure algorithm accommodates many patient types, including geriatrics, neonates with low pressures, hypertensive patients and hypotensive patients. Additionally, the wired and wireless networking options provide for convenient access and transmission of critical patient information.

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