Demand for pre-owned medical equipment continues to rise

New York-based Absolute Medical Equipment, which buys and sells new and certified refurbished medical equipment, continues to see an increasing demand for its pre-owned medical equipment amid a stock of nearly 10,000 machines.

One of the main reasons for this is that the current medical system continues to see a decline in hospital reimbursements. For example, an MRI reimbursement used to be around $1,500; however, itís now around $400. Facilities are unable to afford equipment like an MRI machine that costs thousands of dollars when reimbursements are decreasing. Greater demand for used medical equipment began about five years ago, noted Absolute Medicalís co-owner Ashley Herschman.

Absolute Medical primarily purchases its pre-owned equipment through banks, manufacturers and leasing companies, though the company has purchased equipment directly from private practice offices and hospitals. The 13-year-old company buys almost any piece of medical equipment, as some devices can be utilized for parts.

Pieces are frequently bought in ďas-isĒ condition. The company utilizes three biomedical technicians to service the medical equipment and get it FDA-certified. The sophisticated process involves a number of checks and balances to ensure quality control and to provide the safest medical equipment to help save lives.

Absolute Medicalís clients include hospitals, private practice doctors, technicians and clinics.

Payment in full is received through certified funds or wire transfer, and it is provided in advance or upon receiving.

Absolute Medical buys the following secondhand medical equipment óman of which are cardiac-related machines:

         3D ultrasound machine

         4D ultrasound machine

         Electrocardiograms (EKG machines/ECG machines)

         Patient monitors

         Blood pressure monitors

         Stress monitor


         Anesthesia monitors

If you have any questions, or are interested in a quote, please call Absolute Medical at 888-267-2966.