ECG/EKG Deliver Improved Results

The ECG and EKG have achieved a process to identifying and quantifying vital signs of the heart. Buy putting on electrodes over the heart the electrical impulses can be recorded and analyzed. There is a continuous need in the cardiology community to evaluate and improve the analytical abilities of the machinery to better identify abnormalities.

ECG/EKG Developments

Machines are programmed not to simply record data from electrodes on the chest but to improve data recording and maximize incremental diagnosis.

ECG and EKG machines are now designed to better recognize waveforms for better diagnosis. Differentiating between waveforms from the heart and waveforms from the heart wall can help analyze data and lead to better results.

ECG machines have improved to include greater algorithms and analysis for the data recorded during a ECG/EKG exam. With these improvements ECG machines can like differentiate between the physiological differences that have been highlighted in men and woman. With these differences in mind EKG machines can again better mean the analytic results of the EKG/ECG examination.

This constant drive for more accurate and better identification of heart issues using ECG/EKG technology has met, head on, with smart phone technology.

The Future of ECG/EKG Equipment

A new smartphone app may end up replacing the well used Holter monitor. Athletes look to develop endurance and test their performance with various types of machinery. The Holter monitor is usually too big to sufficiently record the heart’s variables over a long period of time. Dangerous heart arrhythmias can be hard to identify since they do remain constant and can e missed with traditional doctor’s supervision.

The new system straps very easily around the patient or athletes chest and records data like a regular ECG. The data is passed to the smartphone by bluetooth and can then be sent to a cardiologist for further examination and analysis. The Alivecor and ECGCheck are both software apps in an iphone and can’t really meet the performance requirements to test and manage the heart beat during activity or exercise. The new system is based on a small robust piece of hardware that links to powerful software in the smartphone. The performance can easily detect the arrhythmia and other problems during exercise or monitoring heart data for an extended period of time.

The Beta2phone software and device is the first developed for android phones. It is capable of collecting data at a sufficiently high sampling rate displaying ECG, heart rate and its variability it is also enabled for advanced heart rate analysis. The accelerometer can also be used as a step counter and GPS-based speed and distance measurements to help compare exercise and performance with the ECG data.  

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