Improvements Impact on the Developments in MRI Machines

There are two main concerns that patients have when using a MRI, the environment of the MRI and the radiation.

Environmental Factors

The cold and the claustrophobic nature of the procedure and equipment make the patients usually uncomfortable and practitioners need to keep patients as calm and happy as possible. The cold is important and overall comfortable and functional to achieve good results.

The claustrophobia is a big part for patients to stay calm to undergo the treatment. They really don’t enjoy it and being restrained for large amounts of time can be really difficult. The noise of the machine make it difficult to manage the patients comfort and is something that can be identified and changes made to equipment to reduce noise.

There is new noise reduction technology for MRI machines. The technology has significant effects to reduce noise produced by the machine and make the environment more acceptable for patients. These developments, while not essential or central to the treatment or the machine has a huge, tangible difference to patients.


The Radiation is part of any x-ray or MRI machine and you cannot remove it completely from the system. Patients are always concerned about the side effects or long term effects of radiation. The possibility to reduce the levels of radiation is always a concern because it is a payoff to image quality and the priority is always to protect that quality. With the possibility of developing cancer there has always been an issue to develop a process to manage radiation doses.

There is ability to collect data and track radiation dosages to create an optimal environment for both treatment results while limiting the dosage for patients and reducing he medical and health concerns on long term effects of the scans. In many cases patients with complex conditions have to receive MRI treatment on a regular basis and this system can minimize over exposure in these cases.

Technology has come a long way. These MRI machines have exuded high levels of radiation until now because they until recently needed to. Now with this new system it’s clear that the developments are good for patients and medical results.  

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