Investing in an ultrasound probe or transducer: How to make the right choice

Purchasing any piece of medical equipment is a big decision and investment. Whether you own a small practice or clinic, or work in a big budget hospital, you want to make sure that you are spending your equipment dollars well. Here are some questions and answers to help you with the purchasing process: 

Should I go with new or used equipment? 

The decision to choose new equipment versus pre-owned and reconditioned is really a question of budget. First, you want to look at the overall cost – whether financed, leased, or purchased–and determine when the equipment will turn a profit. Used equipment can often give you the best bang for your buck, because it can be reconditioned to be like new and yet only be half the price of new equipment. 

How do I protect my purchase against equipment failure? 

New equipment should always have a warranty, so check to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable medical supply company and what kind of warranty and equipment protection plan they offer. Even used equipment often comes with a warranty, although the coverage period will be shorter than that offered for new equipment. Again, you want to be sure that the company selling pre-owned equipment is reputable. Also, with used equipment, make sure that spare parts will be available down the line, if needed, for repair. 

What are the advantages of leasing or financing versus purchasing outright? 

As with any big equipment purchase, leasing can be more appealing due to its lower incremental investment cost and the lifting of the burden of ownership repairs and replacement. Financing can also be affordable, as well as profitable once equipment is paid for. Certainly for new and very expensive equipment, it’s a viable option, especially if the equipment won’t be profitable for several years. With smaller equipment, such as ultrasound probes and transducers, an outright purchase can make more financial sense, especially if you are looking at the purchase of pre-owned equipment, where significant savings can be had.

How can I be sure that the equipment is right for me? 

It’s difficult to know if the equipment is right until you actually have it in operation in your clinical or hospital setting. Whether you purchase or finance/lease, buy new or used, be sure to check the return and exchange policy for your equipment. You don’t want to be stuck with a 2D probe/transducer, when it turns out you need a 3D or even a 4D. At Absolute Medical, we allow you 7 days to try the equipment, which is better than the return policy for most new equipment. You may either exchange or return for a full refund within that period. Absolute Medical also eliminates the middleman salesperson, allowing us to pass the savings directly on to you. 

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