RTI is helping GE make connected medical equipment

The industrial internet — It’s General Electric’s phrase for how networked software and sensors are combining with physical machinery and medical equipment.

Medical equipment is becoming more sophisticated thanks to technological advances. One of GE’s new connected medical devices includes a CT scanner that can take images of the moment a heart stops beating when it’s linked to a heart monitor.

RTI, a 23-year-old California-based company, is GE’s new software provider and is helping the technology giant’s advancement in the industrial internet field. RTI is using open source DDS (Data Distribution Service) messaging protocol, according to an article on gigaom.com, in order to help machines communicate and send data to each other. RTI’s Connext software is already used by NASA and Canada’s air traffic control system.

A version of its software that connected devices and sensors can use was released in February. The article notes that “in a medical setting a hospital might need to coordinate data between 1,000 beds with 100 separate sensors sending information.”

The article notes that RTI is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, which is a group created by GE, IBM, Intel and others, to “build out reference architectures for the industrial internet.” Therefore, DDS may become the platform of choice when helping to connect devices.

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