The Benefits of Renting and Buying Used Ultrasound Machines

Outfitting a hospital, clinic, or private practice with medical equipment is an expensive proposition, especially if new equipment is being acquired. In particular, medical settings require several kinds of ultrasound machines, and the expenses can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars.

While large hospitals may be able to sustain the high cost of new equipment, smaller clinics and practices can find the prospect of large purchases of new ultrasound machines to be much more daunting. Fortunately, there are used machine options available instead. Many clinics or smaller practices are looking to rent or purchase used ultrasound machines, especially if they are just starting up. The savings can be enormous, from manageable, regular fee to lease to 50-70% savings for purchasing. Here are some tips on renting and buying used ultrasound machines: 

1) Getting a Quality Used Ultrasound Machine:

If you are planning to buy a used ultrasound machine, you want to be sure that you are purchasing from a reputable dealer. Check to make sure that the machine is fully reconditioned and guaranteed to perform at the manufacturer’s specifications. Ultrasounds are the real workhorses of practices and clinics, performing many functions, so you want to be sure you purchase high quality equipment.

2) Make Sure Your Vendor Has a Large Selection

Ultrasound equipment can be portable or fixed, with 2D, 3D, or 4D machines and probes, and perform cardio, echo, vascular, and OB/GYN studies. You may have several different needs at your practice or clinic.  It’s best to choose a vendor that has all the different types of equipment that you need, as well as back up equipment that is readily in stock, should your equipment ever fail.

3) Must it Be New? Or Just Look Like It?

While everyone likes shiny, new equipment, the question is whether it’s necessary for the success of the practice. New-looking equipment inspires trust and confidence that the medical services offered are top-notch. Because ultrasound equipment is located in a place that is visible to the patient, it is important that it be cosmetically refurbished along with being mechanically refurbished. Be sure to specify these needs when you are looking to lease or acquire used equipment.

4) Know Your Used Equipment

There are several types and levels of used ultrasound machinery available, from reprocessed (checked for function, safety, and sanitation) to refurbished (checked with some new parts added) to fully refurbished (complete new parts replacement) to certified pre-owned (put through a rigorous multi-point functionality inspection.) The level that you require will depend on the needs of your practice and how many years you expect to need the machine to function.

5) Is it Guaranteed?

Like any other purchase, you will want to check to see if there is any sort of warranty or guarantee on the work the seller has performed on the ultrasound machine and its functionality. Most reputable dealers will offer one or the other, but not always, so it warrants verifying what you can expect if your ultrasound machinery malfunctions.

6) What About Repairs?

No one likes to think about dealing with broken machinery, but you need to be clear what you can look forward to if your ultrasound machinery malfunctions. Does your vendor have access to a large stock of machinery or parts? If you are leasing, can you expect to have a quick replacement? Is there a recommended maintenance program available? These are all questions you want to ask before entering into a lease or purchase agreement.

The benefits of leasing and purchasing used ultrasound machinery are many. From the savings to the ease of maintaining equipment that has been thoroughly and completely checked out and refurbished, it’s easy to see why many private practices and small clinics, and even larger hospital settings, are choosing to go the used ultrasound equipment route. Absolute Medical is the leader in pre-owned and reconditioned medical equipment, providing the very best in used ultrasound machines. Learn more about our quality used equipment by visiting the Absolute Medical Equipment web site.

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