Top 7 Medical Technologies Changing Lives

Humans are frail creatures that are easily broken and at times living with chronic conditions. Advances in medical equipment and devices can help restore injured parties and promote a better quality of life. Here are 7 astounding developments that can change lives.

  • Flexible electronics can wrap around irregular surfaces of tissues, conform to their activity and sense various physiological conditions. Future changes may give flexible electronics the capacity to respond as well.
  • A glucose sensing contact lens in progress at Google will stop the pinprick. Diabetics will be able to use the lens to transmit readings from glucose level reading samples in tear fluid to a smartphone anytime.
  • 3D printing has been helping bring medical devices to those that need them. Project Daniel is one example allowing local people in South Sudan create prosthetic arms. A new skull was created for a woman in Holland and elements were created to help reconstruct the face of a man in the United Kingdom.
  • Prosthesis that can sense and be controlled with the mind can make fuller lives possible for amputees. Two such powered arms from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are being used by an injured man who lost both arms in an accident. The medical device los angeles is allowing people to do more complex tasks than were previously possible. A prosthetic hand with fingertip tactile sensors allows users a sense of objects. Subjects can sense pressure of grasp and shape.
  • A rapid response hemostasis device helps stopped bleeding almost immediately. The XStat Rapid Hemostasis System injects pill-like pellets that expand into the wound site delivered via syringe.
  • A Bio-artificial pancreas is being developed be Beta-O2 and will be in clinical trials shortly at the Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. It serves as a bioreactor with islets of Langerhans that helps it to function like a healthy pancreas.

More accurate tumor treatment may be available with the combination of a clinical linear accelerator and a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. This unique combination will allow radiologists to see and target tumors during the same session. The patient can be in the same position during the procedures.

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