Vital Sign and Fetal Monitors from Absolutemed

The Absolute Medical Equipment company began as a refurbishing hobby for ultrasound equipment. The demand for the equipment grew and became a full-fledged business that expanded to offer a wide array of medical speciality equipment.

Among the products offered are vital sign monitors. Private physician offices, outpatient centres, surgery centres, universities, and hospitals avail themselves to the products offered by Absolute Medical Services, Inc. at significant savings.

Vital Sign Monitors

Vital sign monitoring is fundamental to patient care. The body temperature, blood pressure, respiration, and pulse are essential in clinical deterioration identification. The parameters must be consistently measured and accurately recorded.

The vital sign data should be the most reliable information in a patient's chart. Automated devices are sometimes used to collect the data. These multimodal monitors simultaneously measure and display relevant, vital parameters.

They are integrated into bedside monitors used in critical care units and operating room anesthetic machines. The medical staff receives continuous patient monitoring that indicates any change in a patient's general condition. 

The refurbished vital signs monitors, available from Absolute Medical Equipment, measure all vital signs. Included in the inventory is equipment for non-invasive and invasive blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitoring. 

Patient monitors are available to fit any budget. Prices vary based on size and functionality, as well as being in new or refurbished condition, and the monitor's memory space. 

Types of Monitors

There are more types of vital sign monitors other than those used for heart rate and blood pressure. Anesthesia gas monitors measure levels of anesthesia administered. Fetal heart rate monitors detect fetal heartbeats and irregularities.

Fetal monitoring systems detect the activity of unborn children. They monitor detects changes in a fetus at risk of complications. Some high-end fetal monitors also follow the mother's vital signs. An alert or alarm is triggered if a dangerous situation develops.

Single extraction pulse oximeters are also classified as vital signs monitors. Usually, the devices are by a patient's bedside and monitor pulse and oxygen saturation in the blood. This piece of equipment can also monitor methemoglobin and carboxyhemoglobin. It is a non-invasive monitor.

Electrocardiography monitors (EKGs) monitor the heart and other electrical activities. The EKG detects significant and subtle changes that can result in functional impairment. Irregularities and activity in the brain are identified by electroencephalography monitors (EEG).

Portable vital signs monitors feature a carrying handle and touch screen along with a convenient battery backup. They are convenient, compact, and easy to use. Portable monitors, typically, monitor body temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure. Readouts print via a wireless printer. Often the monitors detect heart arrhythmias. There are handheld vital sign monitors used mostly to monitor pulse and breathing. The devices usually run on rechargeable battery packs. 

Fetal Monitor Use

Intrapartum fetal surveillance is intended to assess fetal heart rate, fetal well-being, and uterine activity response to labour. The data is used to make physiologically appropriate based clinical decisions. Fetal monitoring is an ongoing assessment of the fetus and mother.

Techniques such as intermittent fetal heart rate auscultation, uterine contraction palpitation, fetal monitoring component applications, and clinical intervention provisions are utilized. Each aspect of fetal heart monitoring must be performed by experienced, licensed health care professionals.

Suggested protocols for fetal heart monitors have been developed by the

  • American Academy of Pediatricians
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada 
Health care providers must use their best judgment when deciding on the frequency and method of fetal surveillance. The pre-owned fetal monitors available from Absolute Medical Equipment will meet the maternal parameters of any decision at significant savings. Monitors for twins are also available.
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